Healthy living meets time savings

Planning, shopping and prepping healthy meals takes time. In fact, a USDA report estimates that these tasks can take home cooks up to 8 hours per week! How valuable is that time worth to you? Our meal delivery puts fresh, nutritious, better-than-restaurant quality meals in your hands twice a week – just heat and eat!

Chef Beau has been a private chef for almost 10yrs. He is now bringing his knowledge and expertise to the public in hopes of helping anyone who wants to get off prescribed pharmaceutical meds. Chef Beau’s team prepares and delivers custom-made, nutrient-rich, anti-inflammatory meals that taste amazing!! They plan seasonal menus, source quality organic ingredients, then prepare your meals just before delivery. They even seal and chill individual portions in special glass containers so they can go
from fridge to oven to table with no disposable plastic containers.

We offer WEEKLY changing seasonal menus using a wide variety of fresh and local ingredients and customize each meal to your individual tastes, preferences, allergies and food sensitivities.

  • Verified organic ingredients
  • No gluten and never any kind of dairy from a cow
  • We use little to no (organic) soy
  • White sugar free (We DO however use dark chocolate chips in some of our baked items)
  • No frozen or processed items, including GMO’s.

Some of our most popular meals include our grain-free, plant-based Lasagna, Smothered Roasted Garlic Pork Chop, Jambalaya, Organic Chicken Vesuvio, Lamb and Bulgarian Sheep Feta burgers, and all varieties of our fresh pesto, Mole and coconut-cream sauces.

Our meals are delivered within hours of being made so your food stays fresh from market to kitchen to table. We deliver our meals twice a week so your food is never frozen and never FedEx’d!

Meal delivery is right for:

  • Athletes and those in training
  • Individuals & couples who don’t have the time, skills or patience to prepare meals themselves
  • Families with food restrictions or allergies
  • Folks with autoimmune diseases, including Lupus, diabetes, thyroid & many other metabolic disorders, and other conditions impacted by diet, especially autism, bipolar & ADHD
  • Busy students & professionals
  • Folks who want to stop taking pharmaceutical medications and eat KLEAN

How does meal delivery work?

We publish a new seasonal menu each week! Each main entree is paired with a vegetable and starch. Simply select the meals that appeal to you, and place your order, noting any requests, changes or substitutions. Orders for each week should be placed by 12AM on Saturday midnight to allow us to shop and prep your meals for the upcoming week. Minimum order of $125 is required for 2x delivery.

Meals are prepared, packaged in glass containers (an initial deposit is required) and delivered to your
home – right to your refrigerator, if desired.

Chef Beau’s Klean Kitchen meals are made to be enjoyed fresh. We deliver twice a week to guarantee it! Simply heat each meal according to the instructions and enjoy.

Price includes food, service fee and delivery.

Price includes food, service fee and delivery