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I just don't know what we'd do without you!

An extra special thanks to you for the soup and remedy for Eric. He kicked the bug in record time and seems to be feeling great now. I just don’t know what we’d do without you! My appreciation overflows for all you do and especially for making time to take care of Eric as the virus was trying to settle in. You are the best! Thank you again and hope you are well! Peace and a big hug

I have been eating "Klean" for about 6 weeks now. It has been an awesome experience. Chef Beau is not only a phenomenal chef but a great confidant, resource and friendly voice. He checks in with you to make sure you're doing well, feeling great and enjoying the food. I truly have not had one bad meal. The cost is no more than I was spending a week at Whole Foods and I have no waste.

Don't just try dinner, don't stop at lunch. The breakfast foods, especially the paleo pancakes and waffles, are tasty and filling. The sweet treats are delicious too.

Chef Beau has connected with me personally as a consultant and a friend. He even has good tips on what your adult beverages should be to remain bloat (and somewhat guilt) free. I feel better than I have in a very long time; maybe ever. Between my exercise routine and diet I am losing weight in a healthy way and shaping my body like I took some years off the clock. If you want to be bloat free, have 5 star meals and feel great, this is the service for you.

I went to Chef Beau after having 3 kids in 3 years with goals to maintain the best quality diet to support my most healthiest immune system and to get fit in the process. I was basically eating whatever I was craving (bad habits from pregnancy) or whatever was on hand which wasn't working for my body. I had signs of inflammation and reactions to some of the foods I was eating and overall my health was not at its best. I knew it was time for me to take control of my body.

Chef beau provided me with the tools, the support, and the accountability i needed to take control. He provided me professional direction and a very clear outline of what to do. He specifically focused on my inflammation and food allergies. Having food sensitivities is something I just have never felt confident enough to tackle and at one point even acknowledge but Chef Beau makes it feel easy. He provided me with a meal plan and everything I needed to get started. Having someone be so hands on can really ease your mind when beginning what looked to me like an intimidating lifestyle change. For me, food was all mental and I would not have been able to do it without this kind of support from Chef Beau and his team.

Within the first few days I definitely went through a little detox period where my body was like "whoooah where'd all my junk food go?" But after that passed I had an increase of energy and mood. It was honestly the first time in years that I felt that good. I never dreamed I would be able to live a lifestyle without gluten, added sugars, or many of the other additives that are so easily found in food all around us but I had done it! Chef Beau helped me understand exactly what to look for when reading labels and purchasing food. After getting through a month of his meal planning I knew there was no going back to how I ate before. The momentum of this lifestyle changes started impacting more than just my health and I've implemented this with my entire family.

After getting into the swing of this way of consuming food, eating out and attending events with limited food options didn't feel challenging. Chef Beau helped raise my confidence in making better good choices for the best interest of my health. Overall my experience with Chef Beau has been nothing but positive and empowering.

Him and Sheila are living examples of this lifestyle and an absolute inspiration! Thank you Chef Beau services for helping me feel stronger and healthier than ever!

We used chef Beau for personal daily meals for my family and myself, as my wife and i both work and had no time to eat healthfully. We used him for about 6 months. Chef used his own kitchen, cooked meals, prepackaged, and dropped them off to our house several times a week. Professional, courteous, and great tasting. Would recommend to anyone.

by Kalin S., Schaumburg, IL on Chef Beau: Learn to Heal Your Body with Food
A Successful Sushi Making Party

“I would definitely recommend Beau K Catering if you’re interested in doing something fun, unique, and different with a group of family/friends. I’m looking forward to hiring Chef Beau again for a sushi making party!”

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